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washington wrote a letter to a woman named sally fairfax in 1759. she was the wife of his best friend, his good friend anyway's neighbor, george william fairfax. this letter suddenly was published in the new york herald, which was at that time in 1877 when it was published it was the biggest newspaper in america. and they've called it a washington love letter. and nobody could believe that it was real at first. and then people who know a little bit about washington's life and stuff, there were some very atchison diaries published. they discovered he had written it better for month after he had become engaged to moffit custis, who was in for the the richest widow in virginia. and this caused consternation in 1877. they couldn't believe that george washington could possibly have thought for another woman. and so, it was like a suspense story as a probe to find out what happened to this letter. and it turned out that the latter never saw the light of day. it was going to be auctioned off of the mystery man body and this appeared for 60 years. and they founded by sheer accident in the files of
, the war -- civil war had been going on for several years. in washington was really a hospital city at that time. there was as many as 50,000 soldiersnd sailors in the hospitals of washington, temporary hospital set up all over town. and of course, those people started dying and they had to be buried. so earlier in the war, the national cemeteries were established at alexandria, virginia and at the old soldiers home in northwest washington. they were planned to accommodate all of those who died in the washington area hospitals. what happened was that the war went on much longer and was much bloodier than anybody expect it so that we pretty soon filled up the graveyards, the national cemeteries in alexandria and at the old soldiers home in washington and needed new imperial space. so the quartermaster's office of the union army looked across the river and found this place, arlington, and thought it would be a good place to begin burying people. arlington happened to be the home of robert e. lee, the confederate general. so not only was it a convenient place to begin military burials
on franklin, washington, jefferson, truman, fdr, american war, the hamilton through culbert toole, the outstanding volume he produced to accompany the major 1997 pbs production liberty. of course the recent perils of peace which deals with but even after the surrender of the british at yorktown in 1781. a great personal memoir of your upbringing in jersey city which as you know is my home town as well so we have that in common. and so much more on the american revolution, frederic leadership of george washington and his military struggles to achieve american independence. and now the subject of tonight's conversation, the role of women in american history. we see this in the fiction and nonfiction you've produced over the years in her novels such as liberty tavern which came out in 1977 just to remind you of that. the difficulties in that book involving women of life during the american revolution. the officers' lives that came out in 1981 about three request planes and their wives to paraphrase about the resignation of these officers wives whitcomb officers why is that is what we
'll be a questionnaire in the mail by march 15. >>> george washington university students are turning a challenge into something good. coming up, we will tell you what they get if they make their goal. >>> saying good-bye to the beloved panda. >>> indeed belfort furniture weather center, we are watching a lot of rain moving into the area -- in the belfort furniture weather center. >>> taking a look ahead, starting tomorrow, construction on rock creek parkway will require a temple remain closure. part will be closed for about 500 feet -- will require a temporary plainclothesman -- lane closure. >>> you can check out the washington auto show. the president and ceo of the ford motor company will open the show. it is open to the public starting wednesday at the washington convention center. >>> a good by party is set this week for the giant panda tai shan. and his farewell party will be held on saturday. experts will be on hand to answer questions. it is not clear exactly which day tai shan will leave. >>> metro is trying to make easier for you to pay. there is a system that will allow t turnstiles t
flooding over the next several hours. weave had only about a quarter ch here in washington. just to our west we've had about 1/2 inch. shenandoah valley has had from an inch to over three inches. around two inches just to the east of the blue ridge. just had a gust at dulles airport at 44 miles an hour, those winds bringing down a few tree limbs causing power outages this morning. the temperature now 60 degrees in washington on january 25th. it's not going to last long. we'll be near 40 by midnight. the 30s tomorrow morning. this rain should taper off and end around midday today with the winds remaining rather gusty into the afternoon. a bit blus sterry again tomorrow. partly cloudy on it is with highs in the mid to upper 40s. a bit colder on wednesday and thursday. morning lows in the upper 20s with afternoon highs in the low to mid 40s. looks like a chance of snow on friday. we'll take a look at that. that will be coming up in just a few minutes. right now watch out for the ponding of water especially around construction areas. many small creeks and streams are running high. they may
washington," on your side. >>> good monday morning. 6:00 on this monday. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you so much for joining us. it is rainy and windy. we do have a school closing and delay. madison county, virginia, schools are now closed. is that right? madison county is closed. page county is delayed two hours. rappahannock county is delayed two hours, as well. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> they're must be a lot of flash flooding. >> there is a flash flood warning until 9:15 this morning for all those counties in central virginia. we see some flash flooding. you do seek a lull in central virginia. still, the damage has been done. it is mild, 60 degrees. a flash flood warning for these counties. that is until 9:15. the whole area has flooding potential this afternoon. flooding possible through 6:00 p.m. as the high tide comes up. it will clear out and dry out. it does get better. we just have a couple more hours to get through. >> we are getting more action on the highway. your neighbors are starting to leave. all lanes are open on 66 to hea
in washington before the day is through. temperatures in he mid-60s and the sunshine right now we could be pushing 70-degrees in the next couple of hours while the rest of the outlook is coming up in a while. >> thank you, devon. >>> the wind is causing problems for utility customer and crews. right now pepco is reporting 1700 customers are affected. northern virginia has nearly 2500 customers without power. our digital correspondent kristin fisher reports from northern virginia on how customers and crews are dealing with it. >> we have seen wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour here in falls church this morning and one of those gusts took down this massive tree. check this out. you can see the tree was completely uprooted and then it fell down around 6:00 a.m. this morning taking down these power lines and then it came crashing down across the street, narrowly missing these two homes. >> we heard a thump on the roof and i thought it was a branch hitting the roof, because they hit all the time and the electricity went out and i went back to sleep until my partner got up and went to work and
the political winds of change relate washington in the wake of scott brown's win, will possible reface his agenda. we'll ask one of his closest advisories, white house press secretary robert gibbs in a "fox news sunday" exclusive. republicans celebrate their victory in massachusetts but have their eye on a bigger prize in november. we handicap gop chances to cut into the democratic majority with john cornyn, chairman of the republican senate campaign committee and obama administration takes aim at wall street again. we'll ask our sunday regular legislators if this new populism is smart politics and good business all right now on "fox news sunday." >>> hello again from fox news in washington. joining us now one of the president's top advisors, without press secretary robert gibbs. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> start with the effort to get ben bernanke a second term as chairman of the federal reserve. do you have the 60 votes needed for confirm mission. >> you saw the statement from judd greg, republican, a chris dodd working to get in a bipartisan fashion to ensure st
metropolitana de prarto prrpepe y prarprprprps miles mas murieron en el resto del pais..en washington, maria rosa lucchini univision. si quiere ayudar a haiti, que realmente lo necesita puede hacerlo por telefono al 1-888- 277-7575 o enviando unensaje de texto al 30644 que diga relief, en linea o enviando un cheque a catholic relief services.. " segun coehn la administracion obama ha logrado evitar que la caida economica sea mayor, pero falta reactivar al sector privado. "el gasto publico, en infraestructura, en apoyar a los estados, en que no corten los programas sociales, todo eso. la funcion que tiene es que el dano no sea tan grande. pero para reactivar la economia verdaderamente para que haya crecimiento el sector privado tiene que empezar a contratar." (reportero)" este economista agrego que el sector privado, especialmente pequenas empresas, donde laboran muchos hispanos, siguen teniendo problemas para contratar porque los bancos estan limitando sus creditos. desde washington, fernando pizarro, un hombre murio en arlington luego que oficiales de la po
attack and threatened more terrorism. tara mergener is in washington with details. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, authorities are not sure if that is, in fact, the voice of osama bin laden, but they say the tone is alarming. >> our at that time tacks on you will continue -- >> reporter: in what's believed to be the latest message from osama bin laden, the most wanted man in the world takes some of the credit for the botched christmas day bombing and vows to strike again. the al qaeda leader directly addresses president obama saying the plot was supposed to inflict the same kind of terror as 9/11. he threatens to unleach more attacks if the u.s. does not end its support of israel. >> this is a message for the american people. this is a message that unless you change your foreign policy, we're going continue attacking you. >> this is somebody that has to pop up in our lives over and audiotape because he's nothing but a cowardly murderous thug and terrorist. >> reporter: some analysts are especially troubled by bin laden's language in the latest message. >>
of a buzz saw this week. >> is health care reform dead? growing concerns about what washington is doing to create jobs. >> so long as i have the privilege of serving as your president, i will not stop fighting for you. i'll take my lumps but i won't stop fighting to bring back jobs here. >> what does the president do now? how will he frame his agenda during next week's state of the union address? senior white house adviser valerie jarrett. then the republicans, massachusetts victory gives the minority party a shot in the arm, but does the gop stand for something more than opposition to the obama agenda. we'll ask senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. the political landscape and the obama agenda, with us e.j. dionne, bbc world news america katty kay, peggy noonan and nbc news white house correspondent chuck todd. in our "meet the press" minute, january 1976, another time of economic turmoil presidential candidate senator lloyd benson offers practical advice to then president gerald ford on his upcoming state of the union address. >> we should be creating opportunity, what the people ar
florida. >> you go for two years and transfer of to university? >> yes. >> this george washington university, is $50,000 a year for tuition. what do you pay? >> by an anonymous caller so we have been blessed that we get in-state tuition fully covered. usually, regular students would pay $86 per credit. if your full time, that would be $1,000 per semester. >> that is a little bit different. do you happen to know how many want to a four-year university? >> once you graduate, we all usually end up going to university and achieve a bachelor's. >> what have you learned since you've been here? >> just to keep an open mind? you cannot narrow your view. there are other people and other views and you need to pay attention to the spirit if not, you will not succeed. >> do you belong to a party? >> i consider myself to be independent because of a share views with the republicans and democrats. as far as the government, and republican-minded but as for a civil-rights and other aspects, i would have democratic views. >> the republicans do not believe in so rights? >> they do, but things like a
, it's not a reset, it's not a shake up, washington, calm down. and you know they were working the phones all weekend at the white house to make sure that ben bernanke is reconfirmed as federal reserve chair. aides tell us they're confident now they have weathered the storm at this point. >> they needed the weekend badly. if that vote was friday, i don't know if bernanke would have gotten confirmed. >> so much about the anger about the lingering crisis in the economy has been directed as bernanke. it looked as if for a moment that the confirmation was in jeopardy. >> that's a huge worry for the white house. top aides fear that a rejection of bernanke would send the markets into chaos. judd gregg serves on the banking committee. he supports bernanke and is playing point. senator gregg, is it fair to say that friday was bernanke's worst day in the senate and things after the weekend have calmed down? >> i don't know. i think there was a bit of exaggeration. these type of stories take on their own energy out there. my view is that chairman bernanke's always had a pretty solid vote
of the power outages. one thing it has done, 60 in washington and dulles. cool pot is cumberland at 45. mild morning. the seven-day forecast, right now angie has a lot to tell you about with the wet roads. >> beginning with 95. check out those head lights there. a slow, wet commute from the prince william parkway. watching the drivers hit the road early. if you are traveling southbound on 95. getting word near cardinal drive a lot of high-standing water and reports of a lot of people spinning out. take it slow. other weather-related problems we are tracking. rolling road in virginia still seeing that downed tree. police are diverting traffic there. and reports of downed wires in the area. we are also getting a report there's lights out at the intersection of commerce and back lick. treat it as a four-way stop. great falls where we have two trees in the roadway. taking away roads, as well. we will move outside and show you 270. shake a camera. two hands on the wheel. the drive to the split is filling out between father hurley. tacking on an extra 10 minutes. that delay is growing and wrap wit
by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good monday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning. thank you for joining us on a monday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. it is a rainy day. >> rainy and windy. we are under a flood watch. let's go straight to brian. >> we do have some rain pushing through. you can say all of the msture that is pushing through. maybe an embedded thunderstorms. temperature-wise, we see numbers that are near 60 degrees. it is quite warmer this morning. cooler air will build them for later today. a flood watch until 1:00 p.m. high wind advisor until 10:00 a.m. fauquier county down through central virginia, we have warnings. heavy rain, windy, and warm. temperatures will fall. the rain will taper off. we could see some sunshine worked its way into the mix. let's say could morning to lisa baden. >> it is an interesting morning. -- let's say good morning to lisa baden. we have a tree down on the clara barton parkway. there is a crash on 66
wind gusts have been under 30 miles per hour. the temperature is 61 in washington, just rebounded, a downsloping warming effect. look out on the mountains, only in the 40s now. throughout the rest of the afternoon, a small chance of an additional passing shower and temperatures will drop out of the 50s and down into the 40s by sunset. a look at the rest of the week and into the weekend in just a few moments. kimberly and barbara? >> it sounds like our brush with spring has ended. zb >> all right, tom. talk to you a little bit later. >>> meanwhile, the storms may have moved out of our area, but the damage they caused is still very much a concern right now. thousands of area residents have no power and other parts of the region are drying out from some major flooding. news 4's tracee wilkins has the latest now fro landover. >> reporter: we had a number of dangerous and sticky situations throughout our area this morning as power crews were dealing with trees that had fallen on power lines. high winds and a lot of rain caused major problems this morning. the trees started falling earl
of the washington area and it's expected to get heavier overnight and make for a miserable monday morning commute. good sunday. i'm craig melvin. >>> the roads are just wet right now but tomorrow morning could be an entirely differentory. some parts of the metro area have seen light showers while there's been no heavy rains yet. dopours are expected to move operate. there's a flash flood watch in effect. meteorologist chuck bell is standing by the news4 storm center with the latest on your wet monday forecast. >> it seems like we've been talking about waiting on the rain all day long and we're more waiting than looking but nonetheless, the heavy rain not far away with temperatures climbing as the winds continue to increase. our temperature has gone up nearly 10 degrees since 6:00 at night and we're now up into the mid 50s across the area. here's your life doppler and you can see light to at times welcome moderate rain showers moving through the northern sides of the capital beltway. the heavier steadier rains are in the shenandoah valley. the rain and wind will increase during the overnight house
. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington, and we're going to begin this hour with some breaking news out of baghdad. iraq's capital city has been rocked today by three separate bomb blasts striking near three hotels. at least 31 people were killed and at least one of the hotels targeted was popular with western journalists. martin truval joins us on the phone. martin, what have you seen this morning? what was the scene? >> david, a series of defs taking attacks. hotels were blown up first. the second the babylon hotel just south of the u.s. embassy across the river and thirdly came the hotel home to us all for a long time. it started with gunmen shooting at the hotel and shooting at the guards. the guards have the hotel -- are fighting in retreat. they took up defensive positions. as they did that, the military just got out of the car, which was a white security van with a red flashing light on the roof, hoping to get to the hotel, drove inside and detonated. and the carnage is horrific. but all four hotels are destroyed. >> from my own experience, ma h marti
the washington game is after a tough election like you had last week in massachusetts is to say, well, what must we have here? some white houses in the past have had big shake-ups. you have decided in the obama white house to give a bigger role to david plouffe, who was your partner in the obama campaign. he will now take a bigger role outside of the white house. but keeping a closer eye on public opinion, a closer eye on the governors and senate and house races across the country. there are some, david, as you know, who are saying what about inside the white house, shouldn't we have a shake-up there? this is an administration, some say, that has been too deferential to congress in crafting policy. and some would even say too close with wall street and not close enough with main street. do you need to shake up your inside team? >> well, first of all, let me say you're right, that is part of the washington game. washington loves to throw out a body. there's nothing that gets washington more excited than the prospect of someone losing their job. the fact is that we've got a wonderful group in the
students from all over the world to come to washington and either spend a semester- long internship working for government or nonprofit agencies or private corporations or one or two week programs following the current issues of the day. for instance, this program. >> why do you do it? >> i've been here 33 of our 34 years of existence and it's been a labor of love. we believed early on, bill burke, our founder and others that started the organization that it was meaningful and could be a transformational experience for college students to partake of these programs. >> how many students a year? >> 1,500 to 1,600 interns. >> who pays for them? >> students and/or their units -- universities or money that we raise and corporations and individuals. >> someone what wants to come, what kind of out of pocket suspense do they have? >> nor program, in the $1,200 range and that includes housing. >> where were you before you did this? >> i was working as a counselor in a junior high school in massachusetts and managing a restaurant on cape cod in the summer. >> what's the best thing a student can say a
.e.a.l.s. good afternoon, everybody. good afternoon, tamron. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> hey, david. good afternoon. i'm tamron hall live in new york. we begin with breaking news. less than an hour ago the brother of nancy kerrigan pleaded not guilty to assault charges. their father died over the weekend after what prosecutors describe as a struggle with his son. mark kerrigan did not speak during the hearing. as you can see there he put his head down and wept. whd reporter is in woburn, massachusetts, with more on this. what else do we know about the alleged argument. >> it's in these police reports we learned it was brenda kerrigan, mother of nancy who called police and let them know her husband and son were pushing and shoving, when he femme and later died. mark kerrigan, brother of nancy kerrigan is brought to district court. he's charged with assault and battery after allegedly fighting with his 70-year-old father daniel inside the family's home. police and paramedics arrived they found daniel kerrigan on his back unconscious. emts tried to revive him but he later died at the h
in yellow and orange. now, right around the washington area, the rain is has dissipated at this moment. we've got a little bit of a break there in the district and inside the beltway. elsewhere, continuing to see rain showers and more rain will be moving through during the course of the morning hos i think until at least mid- morning, maybe late morning before most of this pushes out of here. advisories, now, there is a lot going on as far as advisories go and frankly, the computers i think are a little bit out of whack because of everything that is going on. simply put, we have a flood watch that is in effect, a flash flood watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. there is actually a coastal flood warning in effect until 6:00 this evening along the piedal potomac, portions of the chesapeake bay and the like. farther out to the west, that area in red, that is a flood warning that is in effect until a little bit later on this morning. and i mentioned the wind advisories. so a lot going on. right now, reagan national airport, mild start to the day. 60degrees, believe it or not. that is not
>> i'm brook hart in washington. days after massachusetts voters delivered a shocking setback to president obama advisors say he will not be pushing the reset button in his second year in office. that story coming up. >> grim numbers from haiti as the search for survivors turns into a recovery effort. >> and before we start gathering up two of every animal, let's find out first how long all of this rain will last. the insta-weather plus forecast as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy captioned by thenational captioe -- -- >> good morning, everybody. i'm lisa robinson in for mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> let's check today's forecast with tony pann. >> just called you noah pann. >> you might be able to take a vote on some of these roads -- a boat on some of these roads. we've had over two inches of rain. there's a lot of standing water. be careful, hydroplaning is a possibility this morning. be careful. and the winds are gusting over 30 miles an hour. if you're drivin
. >> a second member of the washington wizards is taking a plea deal in connection with a gun incident involving wizards star gilbert arenas. javaris crittenton is allege the to have pulled his own gun on arenas following an argument the two had over a gambling debt. details about this, pat? >> javaris crittenton, guilty of possessing an unregistered firearm. pleading guilty to a rmisdemeanr gun charge. a result of the confrontation last month with wizards star gilbert arenas. in court, crittenton said he took full responsibility iffer his bad judgment. he said he was sorry and apologized to the people of washington. the wizards, the nba, and his family. crittenton said he made a bad decision and told the judge, you'll never see me here again. crittenton is represented by attorney peter white. >> there's been a great deal of misinformation published about this case and mr. crittenton. he brought a law enforcementfully obtained handgun into d.c. into the washington wizards locker room only because he legitimately feared for his life on december 21 of last year. the government has acknowledged tha
>>> on >>> on "world news" from washington, we're one on one with the president. what is he going to announce about jobs? is he thinking one term is enough for him? and what did mrs. obama say to help him in the political season of the buzz saw. >>> do doctors really know how much radiation they deliver and how do you? >>> haiti sends out an s.o.s. asking for 200,000 tents and we stay on the case. >>> and one boy on a bicycle did something we could not believe. >>> and good evening tonight from washington. with president obama at the cross roads. sitting with us one on one two days before the state of the union. it was just a year ago in his first appearance before congress he was a new, victorious, history-making president. now, he is facing a buzz saw and some say the promise never happened, not no mention a nation demanding something be done about jobs. earlier this morning, president obama announced middle class programs on child care. but the time we sat down with him, they pounced. they say, what are you talking about so far for wednesday night is not going to create any new
through new york, philadelphia and washington, d.c. and we continue to be dealing with both a flood watch and wind advisory which will be in affect until 10:00 a.m. thed into watch until 1:00 p.m. 31 miles per hour is the move recent -- the most recent gust in washington, d.c. 32 in baltimore. you get the idea. and the mild temperatures, let me mention it's great out there temperature wise. 60 at reagan national. 62 at dulles. 57 at bwi marshall. the temperatures will slowly fall back during the course of the day. and there is a quick look at the five-day forecast. i'll have more details coming up but 61 for an afternoon high. that's it for weather. back to you at the desk. >> tucker, thank you very much. >>> we're going to check in with sarah simmons now. she's live in bethesda this morning. crews there are dealing with downed trees and power lines. sarah, good morning. >> well good morning to you both. crews have been here since 3:00 this moing trying to work on this tree that is down on the power lines and you can see behind me it is still there. we have workers here from pepco, also m
on the future of the hybrid and electric car industry. "washington journal" is next. . . . the president's efforts to give the economy on track. that is this morning from "the washington post." the report breaking this morning about a plane crashed in the route, "the new york times" online have the story about the airplane crashing near beirut in stormy weather. officials said that 82 passengers and eight crew members were on board. we will update the information as we get it. ruth, democratic line. caller: i am not quite sure if we ever did what we were promising. to try and help people who were in trouble with their mortgages. i think that we took the wrong approach to begin with. so many people that were out of their homes. the fact ripples through the economy. -- the of fact ripples through the economy. let's help -- bethe effedctct te riffles through the economy. if the loan was renegotiated to what it was really worth, they can afford it, but the communication that happening. host: or you hit by the mortgage crisis at all? caller: i was not, i have a system set up with my children.
. that is for far too long, people in in country felt like washington was a part of this special interest and not about them. people are six and tired of washington not working with them. >> on healthcare, palestinians say they are working with people. all across the country and even the most liberal state in the country, massachusetts. >> i hope the president and my democratic friends have gotten the message that american people like change, but gradual change. the focus should be on the economy and jobs. both are expected to be key parts of the speech. osama bin laden reemerges on tape. is he actually responsible for that christmas day bombing attempt is dating silver star on her way to the plane. >> another jet liner diverted this weekend. more on the safety scare. >> a new audio tape purported to be the voice of osama bin laden. on that tape, he claimed responsibility for the failed christmas bombing and vowed to continue attacks as long as the u.s. supports israeli. >> a flight forced to make an emergency landing because of an unruly passenger. need divert from denver after a passeng
in washington was obviously much more powerful than any of the earnings report, any of the revenue reports, anything wall street threw at us. boy did we get serious good quarters in almost every sector last week? and they were still overwhelmed by the negativity. all right, there's some important lessons here. first, when everyone thinks the world is coming to an end, it tends not to end. we feared the worst, right? we feared the worst. you know what, when we fear that we rarely get the worst. i want to be clear on this, a nixing of ben bernanke would have caused at least a thousand-point decline. he's regarded basically as the only adult in the room. the guy who may have started late to solve the banking crisis but did keep the system working kept your atm on the move. prevented imminent bank nationalization. i think it's safe to say we would be several thousand points lower than we are if not half if he hadn't stopped the move to nationalize the banks. second, this is the real travesty. until last week america thought bernanke was one of the good guys. helping them to make mortgages and
points, 1097 was the closing level. >> washington wizards guard javaris k crittenton pleaded guilty to a gun charge. >> javaris crittenton at superior court, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge. a result of that locker room confrontation last month with wizards star gilbert arenas. in court, crittenton said he took full responsibility for his bad judgment. he said he was sorry and apologized to the people of washington, the wizards, the nba and his family. crittenton said he made a bad decision and he told the judge, you'll never see me here again. crittenton is represented by attorney peter white. >> there's been a great deal of misinformation published about this case and about mr. crittenton. mr. crittenton brought a lawfully obtained handgun into d.c. into the washington wizards locker room, only because he legitimately feared for his life on december 21 of last year. the government has acknowledged that handgun was not loaded and he never threatened anyone with it. >> this all goes back to december and an argument over a gambling debt. according to court documents, aren
the massachusetts election. people in washington were all in a tizzy. trying to figure out what this means for health reform. >> we've gotten pretty far down the road. but i've got to admit, we had a little bit of a buzz saw this week. now i also know that part of the reason is, is that th process was so long and so drawn out, this is just what happens in congress. i mean it's just an ugly process. you're running head long in the special interests and armies of lobbyists, an partisan politics that's aimed at exploiting fears instead of getting things done. and then you've got ads that are scaring the bejesus out of everybody. and the longer it takes, the uglier it looks. >> rose: joini me is joe scarborough, host of msmbc morning joe, and joe klein of "time" magazine who interviewed president obama in this we can's "time" magazine. here is the cover story for that, called now what. and in washington adam nagourney of "the new york times" who wrote the story of analysis after the stunning event that took place in massachusetts. i am pleased to have all o them on this program. adam, let me j
and across the country, listen to c-span radio in washington on 90.1 fm, 1 xm satellite radio. c-span radio, covering washington like no other. >> of reaping now on counterterrorism efforts in yemen. secretary clinton will be meeting with arab leaders. daniel benjamin speaks with reporters, followed by a spokesman p.j. crowley. this is about 45 minutes. >> good afternoon and welcome to the department of state. this week secretary clinton will travel to london. she will leave tomorrow night and will participate on wednesday in an international meeting on yemen, and then thursday at the international conference on afghanistan. but i thought to kind of put our current relationship with yemen into context and the ongoing efforts to work with yemen on security, we thought it would be a good time to bring to the briefing room ambassador at large and coordinator for counter-terrorism here at the state department dan benjamin, just to get a little background on this. and i am sure you might have some questions on activities over the weekend as well. so with that, we will start off with dan benjamin
and south and east of the district. washington, d.c. itself is a little bit dry right now. we've had rain but it's not raining in d.c. at the moment. farther out to the west not bad, but towards front royal, winchester and places like that, it's raining there and that's a good line of heavy rain there. no reports of thunder at this hour. i wouldn't rule out some thunder here and there. but for the most part it's just rain. let's take a look at the area covered by a flood watch. it includes washington, d.c., all of the close-in counties and including prince wiliam county and flood watch in affect until 1:00 this afternoon. out to the west, although we're not showing it on the map, some of the counties are under a flood warning. also a coastal flood warning in affect until 6:00 this evening for the tidal potomac and chesapeake bay. these are wind gusts, 35 mile- per-hour wind gusts at reagan national. 36 in baltimore, 45 at dulles. so there are your gusty winds. that will be a problem through the morning. there is a wind advisory in affect until 0:00 and then the winds will die down but sti
. already into the upper 50s here at washington. all the way as far west as even dulles. we are going to drop the temperatures back down to average temperatures for this time of the year in wintertime in washington, mid-40's for highs. chilly weather is moving back in. in the overnight we know about the flash flood watch that's in effect that continues through tomorrow morning. heavy rains possible, even a thunderstorm here and there. i still think is possible from mainly washington off to the south. if you're off north, probably just going to see rain showers and heavier periods of rain. the rain's going to end as soon as we get towards midmorning, midday. by the afternoon you might see a little bit of sunshine. it's really going to be all about the clouds hanging on and then the cold front bringing in the colder air later on. these are the current flash flood warnings going on. western parts of virginia into west virginia. a number of these flash flood warnings extending into north carolina and parts of the southeastern united states because of this big system. this was the same sto
.s. marine was stationed in washington, d.c. and came to baltimore for the night to have a good time with friends. police say he was murdered by party crashers. a birthday party took a tragic turn outside 6908 mcclain boulevard in baltimore. 20-year-old darius james ray an active duty marine was partying with friends friday night into saturday morning when police say three men from the neighborhood, 22-year-old vernon hadley, 26-year-old michael wiggins and 27-year-old nikki woodward tried to crash the party. a fight followed and the men returned with a knife stabbing darius ray to death and hospitalizing another man. police say dozens of witnesses at the party helped lead them to suspects. >> this is somebody who dedicated his life to service and the kind of people who go into a party with the intent to kill somebody, we don't need those people around. we have to hold these people accountable. >> reporter: darius ray was stationed at marine headquarters in washington, but grew up in nearby montgomery county where he moved in and out of several foster homes throughout his life. his h
of dollars. at the haitian embassy in washington this past weekend, workers were inundated with bags of clothes and supplies. one of the busiest centers of aid is in south florida, which has one of the largest concentrations of haitians in the country. kim lawton reports that church officials and faith-based volunteers are working tirelessly to provide food and medical supplies. they are also grappling with the often-asked question: why did god let the earthquake happen? >> reporter: at a small airport in fort pierce, florida, a christian aviation ministry called missionary flights international has been working around the clock, trying to get desperately needed help into haiti. hundreds of volunteers from local churches are sorting and packing donations that have come in from across the u.s., from food and water to medical supplies, clothes, and even fuel. and m.f.i. pilots are flying in the cargo and emergency personnel as fast as they can. >> it's a great feeling. you know, most people like to help ea other. we found that here. it's just amazing what's come together here. people w
they are saying that. they are saying -- >> an interesting piece in "the washington post" yesterday. maybe we'll read that. and really tough op-eds about this white house that is still pushing health care reform as a top priority and that also has everything to do with creating jobs. >> well, that's fascinating that they would still -- >> that's the linkage? too bad. >> and also -- >> if then -- >> as i said to donny deutsch last week, if i walk into your store and i tell you i don't have shoes and you try to sell me pants. >> disconnect the word there? >> i read frank rich yesterday, but first paragraph, he says this wasn't about barack obama's falling popularity, he's still really popular. and this isn't about health care. you just sit there and say do you want to lose? again, we come out here and whether they win or lose next year, we'll come out here, and everybody will be saying the same thing, which is if they don't focus on jobs, they are going to lose. listen, it's not like i'm pushing for this. i'm just saying politically, if they -- if they don't have the message yet, they are just
two miles off the coast of lebanon. >> in washington this week president obama delivers the first state of the union address of his term. there are strong signs he'll want americans to look ahead and not so much back on his first year in office. 11 news reporter brook hart has the details. >> ahead of president obama's first state of the union address one top aide admits voters haven't seen the change they were promised. >> they have a reason to be frustrated with everybody because we have not delivered yet. we're now in washington. we have to change the culture here. >> the white house is coming off a blistering week. the upset g.o.p. win in massachusetts republicans say shows voter outrage over the president's health care overhaul. >> all across the country, even in the most liberal state in america arguably, massachusetts, the people are telling us, please don't pass this bill. >> the obama team heard a voter call to fix the economy, add jobs. >> not going to stop fighting until we add jobs for everybody. >> analysts skeptical. >> this president doesn't come easy to populism an
command over various al qaeda offshoots. rachel martin has more on the recording from washington. >> in his latest message, osama bin laden claims the christmas day bomber as one of his own and takes responsibility for the attack. the bin laden message comes as new details emerge about the attack and how it was handled. according to the associated press abdulmutallab arrived at a local hospital at 2:00 p.m. escorted by detroit police. there he made incriminating statements to a doctor about trying to detonate an explosive. around 3:30 fbi agents began interviewing the suspect in his hospital room where he talked openly about his links to al qaeda operatives in yemen. ten hours after the incident when investigators told him he had the rit to remain silent, he did. >> he was cooperating until he got a lawyer. now, that -- that makes it almost impossible for us to pursue the leads that the christmas bomber might have. that to me is unbelievable. >> reporter: some lawmakers say if bin laden is calling abdulmutallab one of his soldiers the u.s. should treat him like an enemy combatant
franciotti has the latest. >> a private first class in the u.s. marines, stationed in washington, d.c., he was once a star athlete in football and basketball and track in montgomery county. >> he was just a joy to coach, and he was incredibly athletic. he holds school records from as far back as the early 1970's through the high school. the long jump, high jump, and triple jump. >> he was at a party in northeast baltimore and the party was crossed by several people from the neighborhood. they were asked to leave, and it did, but allegedly came back with a knife, stabbing and killing the man. >> this is a terrible catastrophe that an individual is going to the party. forget the fact that he is a veteran, service members, dedicated his life to protect our country, this is a guy who goes to a party and dies. that is not a message that we want said. >> police say that the work around the clock to find the killers, and 24 hours of the crime, three men were arrested -- michael wiggins, nicky woodward, and vernon hadley, all in the 20's and from baltimore. they are behind bars, facing numerous ch
in washington, d.c. he was once a star athlete in football, basketball, and track in high school. >> he was just a joy to coach. he was incredibly athletic. he holds school records from as far back as the early 1970's for the high school. in the long jump, the high jump, and the triple jump. >> just four days after his 20th birthday, ray was at a party in northeast baltimore. around 4:00 in the morning police say that party was crashed. they were asked to leave and did, but allegedly came back with a knife stabbing and killing ray. >> this is a terrible catastrophe that an individual is going to a party -- forget fact that he's dedicating his life to protect our country. this is somebody that goes to a party and dies. that's not a message we want to send. >> police say they worked round-the-clock to find ray's killers. and early sunday morning, just more than 24 hours after the crime, three men were arrested -- michael wiggins, nicky woodward, and vernon hadley, all in their 20's, and all from baltimore. they're behind bars facing numerous charges including first degree murder. >> we have to sta
several years and that is that for far too long, people in this country felt like washington was about the special interest and not about them. and that's why they're frustrated. >> republicans agreeing, voter frustration levels are running high and as you can imagine, they interpret the reason for that differently than the democrats do. republicans say the outcome in the bay state was because voters disagree with the president's policies. >> i think he's got an opportunity to do a mid course correction as a result of the message sent out of massachusetts and around the country. >> coming up, we're going to have a live preview of the state of the union in a live report from washington. so keep it here. also keep it here for a special presentation this weekend. fox news reporting president obama in his own words, a look back at hess campaign and the first year in the white house as he begins his second year in the oval office. is he keeping his promises? we'll report, you decide tonight, 9 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. a u.s. airliner forced to make an emergency landing in
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